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Who and where we are:

The fellow with the red jacket and beard is Michael Cowan, the founder and operator of Motorcycle Safety Training Center (MSTC). Michael began riding in 1962 and has more than a half-million miles of road experience. In 1982, he became a nationally certified motorcycle safety instructor. Michael has been active in rider education ever since, creating and managing training sites throughout the Bay Area; thousands of students have learned to ride under his leadership. In 2012, Michael celebrated his 30th year in the field!

Private Instruction:


One-on-one Instruction

By the mid ‘90s, it became clear to Michael that group classes didn’t work for everyone for a variety of reasons. He then began developing a flexible curriculum for private instruction that is the core of what the organization offers today. MSTC’s instructors are selected for their many years of riding and teaching experience, communication skills and commitment to rider education. These individuals are some of the best the field has to offer.


Our Training Site Location:

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Come – or come back – to the joy of Motorcycling!

Ready to sign up? Call us now to speak with Michael, our chief instructor, about the benefits of private instruction at (408) 472-9607