Riding a motorcycle or scooter on California streets without a permit or an M1 motorcycle license is against the law. A ticket can damage your driving record, up your insurance costs, and your bike or scooter may be towed or even impounded! 


Practicing for the DMV Exam

The DMV skill test involves two challenges: Riding slowly (3-5 mph) and managing slow, tight turns without putting a foot down. These skills are rarely required for normal on-road riding and are particularly challenging on large, heavy motorcycles and sport bikes. What to do?

THE ANSWER: (1) Use a small (250cc) bike (or your own scooter) to take your test on and (2) practice time. We provide both! With basic riding skills, you can get an motorcycle license in just a couple of hours with our help. PASS THE FIRST TIME, OR WE’LL DO IT AGAIN FOR FREE! 

Cost: $200 (or $100 if you complete 3 hours of training with us. It is included at no charge for all students completing our 7 hour, New Rider Course.)

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