Scheduling: Enrollment is handled right over the phone. The date and time of each session is set by mutual agreement and can be rescheduled, if needed. Sessions are limited to 2 to 3 hours to make scheduling easier and limit fatigue. Both weekday and weekend sessions are available within a few days

New Riders: You begin with the fundamentals – motorcycle controls, smooth starting, braking, turning and shifting. We break complex skills down in exercises that are easy to understand and apply. You learn one-step-at-a-time; your progress and comfort level determines the pace of each session. In 3 – 4 hours, you’re ready to take on advanced skills like counter-steering, swerving, cornering, and managing skids. We also provide detailed information about street strategies, road surface conditions, and much, much more. First time riders generally need 6 hours to be ready to ride on the street. No license or permit is necessary to begin and you will not be riding in the rain or extreme heat.

Experienced Riders: You know the basics, but how do you find out what you don’t know? Riders involved in one motorcycle crash study* averaged 2.5 YEARS OF RIDING TIME but the MAJORITY of them, “lacked the knowledge and skills essential for accident avoidance.” Based on your riding history and personal goals, we have created exercises to determine your current competency level, help you expand your riding skills, – and increase your riding pleasure as well!

*See “Accidents” page

 After your training, we’re still there for you – call us!

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